In short: don't.

I don't have anything to do with the actual running of Saimoe, so have no power or responsibility regarding what happens with it. I will also refrain from acting as anything other than a neutral, faceless observer, as this is still intended to be a project that's 'by anonymous, for anonymous'.

If you have problems with the tournament itself, good luck talking with the Japanese organisers. If you have questions or just want to talk about the tournament then go and try it on /a/ or elsewhere.

If you absolutely must contact me, I'll be on /a/ around the time matches end (~11pm JST) on most days, identifiable by starting a thread with the latest updates. Contributions are very much appreciated. Suggestions for match titles and character titles (round 3 onwards) are also welcome. I'll at least listen to constructive complaints, although there are several issues I am unwilling to give ground on.